Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Second Eye

The above one-eyed figure is a daruma doll. At some point today, I plan on blackening its other eye.
For those of you unfamiliar with a daruma doll, it is a good luck talisman used in Japanese culture. Meant to represent Daruma, the father of Zen Buddhism, the doll is purchased with two white eyes. One eye is filled in and a goal is set (or wish made). When the wish is realized, the second eye is filled in.
The daruma above is the second one I’ve purchased for my writing goals. I purchased my first one nine years ago and set my goal of “being published.” Though my thoughts at that time were of a full-length novel, I filled in the second eye of my first daruma when I had a novella published in a Christmas anthology in 2011.
Even with that, I maintained the dream of publishing a full-length novel. I purchased another daruma, blackened its eye, and kept it ready for the day. If I’d known then how long it would take me to finally add a second eye, I don’t know what I would have done.
I’m proud to say that the day has now come.
My first novel, The Samurai’s Heart, is now available. My blurb is below.
Japan, 1587. Sen must find a husband to marry into her family’s swordsmith business. She seeks a Christian husband, though Christianity is banned. Enter Nobuhiro. Third son of a high-level samurai, Nobuhiro fled his harsh father and apprenticed himself to a swordsmith. He yearns to prove his worth. They seem an ideal match. But for Sen, the choice is faith or family. For Nobuhiro, choosing a Christian ends any reconciliation with his family. Can love be forged from the impossible?
If interested, please click here to be taken to Amazon.