Friday, March 28, 2014

Dragging Dad Into the Modern Age

My family has a problem with my choice in music.

I have satellite radio in my car. When I’m alone, I listen to stations that offer 70s, 80s, and things that were on vinyl or cassette at one time (or that spindle looking thing that Edison used). I also listen to the news. However, when we’re driving somewhere as family, my wife and kids prefer modern stations with current hits. If I try to play my music, they gag. They beg for at least music from the 90s and then press for music produced within the last year or so.

The one who pushes it the most is my 12-y.o. He seems to know every song played on either the current music stations or on Disney radio. I wonder where he hears these things. Apparently, he has a number of these tunes downloaded to his iPod. (I’ve got to check that thing more often.) He particularly likes Imagine Dragons but enjoys all of the modern singers. When I drive him to baseball practice, he wants to listen to the current hits station, just to get himself prepped. Because I really believe it helps him, I oblige.

I really believed I would get sick of these songs at one point. However, after taking him to numerous events in the last few months, I have to admit that some of them are starting to grow on me, if only because I can’t get them out of my head, or have heard them ad nauseum. My 12-y.o. even sensed this, asking me a week ago if there were any of these songs that I liked.

I finally admitted to liking one. Dark Horse by Katy Perry.

My 12-y.o. found reason to barf. Of all the songs on the current hits station, this was the one song he wished was banned. His problem with it? It’s a stupid love song. He then thought about it a little longer, admitting the song would be good entrance music for a baseball player, if not for the stupid lyrics.

However, he’s now starting to notice girls.

I doubt he’ll think the lyrics stupid for long.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Posting Today at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales

I'm posting today at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales (PF&HT), talking about the things one saves when cleaning out a basement. Would like to hear from you. A $10 Amazon gift card is up for grabs on that post. Click here to be taken to the PF&HT blog.