Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Season to Remember

“Yes, I wish my Auburn Tigers would have won.”

With the go-ahead TD pass by FSU with 13 seconds to go, my heart fell. But something inside me hadn’t given up to yet. I’d seen too much this season to think it was over. After watching Auburn’s amazing comeback over Georgia and the last second win over Alabama, giving up wasn’t in my thought process.

In the end, they gave me some reason for that belief. On the last play, Auburn tried a hook-and-lateral that was then thrown across the field, finding Tre Mason wide open on the other side. I don’t remember how far he got, but it felt he ran another 20 yards. Twenty yards of hope, joy, and celebration with my kids yelling “GO! GO! GO!” in unison.

Then it was done.

My younger son took it particularly hard and went into a funk. It required a lesson on the dignity of losing with grace. He moped for a couple of days. Then it was his birthday. One big steak later, he started looking at recruiting again and who Auburn was getting next year.

There’s always tomorrow. There’s always next year.

War Eagle!

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