Friday, December 13, 2013

The Gift Not Given

My wife, along with my two sisters, braved the stores on Thanksgiving night, fighting with other shoppers for bargain supremacy. My two brothers-in-law and I volunteered to watch the kids while they were gone (Actually, we watched football, but the kids were there with us.)

When my wife had returned and our kids had gone to bed, my wife pulled out her loot. It had been a fight to get what she'd obtained, sometimes just grabbing at available video games and DVDs, hoping to obtain what was on the boys' lists and then putting back what didn't match. One game, however, had a rating of "M" for Mature and also had an "R' on the side. We'd heard of the game, The game had been heavily advertised and commercials promised the best adventure yet. However, the ratings gave us pause.

We looked up the game on the internet, saw that it was action-filled, exciting, and worth the money for those into gaming. However, then we saw the reason for the warnings. One section of the game required the gamer to torture someone. If the gamer couldn't do it, then one of the characters in the game would. Still, it required torture to progress. Other sections talked about the game’s treatment of women, saying they were seen as sluts and prostitutes and treated with disdain.

There was no question for my wife and me. We took the game back to the store.

I know my 11-yr old will be a little disappointed when he doesn’t get the game on Christmas day. At some point we’ll tell him why. He’s a good kid, but he’s a bit young for a game like this. Too young to separate fantasy and reality. Too young to see such actions.

Too young to play the game.

Have you ever purchased something your kids wanted, then taken it back after realizing it was inappropriate for your child?

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