Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Amazing Ms. Gail

My wife is a substitute teacher. She started out by volunteering in the school library at our kids’ school when the boys were both of elementary school age. Eventually, she decided she liked going every day.

She works only elementary schools and meets many interesting people. One of them is a parent who I’ll refer to as Ms. Gail. Every time my wife subbed at one particular school in the area, Ms. Gail always seemed to be there. My wife didn’t know if she was a volunteer or a preferred sub attached to one school. Her best guess was PTA President. She knew Ms. Gail actually had kids at this particular school and her passion for the kids was evident.

Last year, on the last day before Christmas holidays, my wife found herself subbing again at Ms. Gail’s school. There had been a Christmas party that morning and one of the children in my wife’s class had wanted to go home with his grandmother (since some kids were going home early). However, the kid learned he would need to stay for the rest of the day.

After the party, the kids went out to the playground. The kid, likely thinking his grandmother was still around, bolted for the parking lot. My wife was caught between watching the 24 other kids under her charge or chasing after the child.

Ms. Gail noticed. She nodded to my wife as to say I got this. Ms. Gail then took off, covering 30-40 yards before the kid ran another five. She reached the child, picking him up in her arms, and brought him back to my wife.

My wife thanked her deeply, and then proceeded to retell the story through the Christmas holidays. In reference to Ms. Gail, my wife said she’d never seen anyone run so fast in her life.

I don’t remember when it happened, but someone she was telling the story to realized something: my wife had no idea who Ms. Gail really was.

Three-time Olympic gold medalist in hurdles: Gail Devers.


The next time wife saw her, she again thanked Ms. Devers for her actions. Ms. Devers was gracious, and then asked my wife where she bought her cool boots.

The amazing Ms. Gail:

Three-time Olympic gold medalist

School volunteer

Devoted mom.

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