Friday, November 22, 2013

Fantasy and Reality

This is my first year of playing fantasy football.

I turned it down a couple of times at the office, thinking I had no time and knowing my wife would go “you’re doing what?” and also having to learn about pro football beyond the teams I follow. But then two of my friends issued a challenge I couldn’t ignore: me and my two sons vs. each of them and their two sons. Winners would be decided by total family points amassed. Two losing families would treat winning family to dinner at a wing joint.

Even my wife said, “Bring it on.”

So, while downing burgers and chips one evening, we held our draft and picked our teams, each round proving that I let my 11-y.o. watch way too much Sportscenter. The season then began with high anticipation.

It soon developed into despair. While my 16-y.o. did his version of the Denver Broncos and my 11-y.o. looked like the Carolina Panthers (appropriate since my older son had Peyton Manning and my younger one had Cam Newton). However, my players consistently underperformed and I lost game-after-game. My first win came against my 11-y.o. However, my victories have been few. In our two division league, my sons occupy first place in both while I run dead last in my younger son’s division.

But then come the points.

On a wins total, we were first, despite my 11-y.o.’s comments of, “Dad, you’re bringing us down.” However, on the points total, we’re a distant third with the winner already pretty much determined.

Despite all this, I’ve noticed one thing. Fantasy football gave us one reality. It gave my sons and me another reason to bond. It’s not that we didn’t talk before, but for fantasy football, we thought as a team, checking on each other to ensure that we substituted for players who had a bye week and that our projected totals had a shot, even though those projections never seemed to match. It’s been fun. When it’s over, we’ll go out for dinner and enjoy the company of good friends.

And we’ll do it as a family. 

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