Thursday, October 17, 2013

Not So Itsy-Bitsy Spider

About a year ago, my wife found four yellow spiders around the hedges in our front yard. Hating spiders, she killed all of them. Later she looked them up on-line, finding that they were garden spiders. She discovered that the spiders were helpful to have in the garden and has regretted her actions since then, hoping the spiders would return.

Admittedly, I don’t like spiders myself. I occasionally find them in the basement and get rid of them when I do. However, I’ve been looking for them in our hedges, hoping to brighten her day. (OK. Only a husband would think of spiders as something one’s wife would like, but it is what it is.) So far, no luck.

In my search for spiders, though, I’ve become fascinated with some really intricate webs I’ve seen. My 11-y.o. and I were pitching in the driveway about two weeks ago when we noticed a huge spider web stretched between a tree in our yard and a tree in our neighbor’s yard. It was high enough so you could drive our SUV under it without taking it out. My son debated throwing his glove up to knock it out, but I told him not do it. The web wasn’t hurting us and it was probably keeping away bugs we didn’t want. The web survived three days before weather took it out.

The other day, my 11 y.o. and I noticed two separate webs strung between one of our trees to the bushes in the front. (Yes, we were pitching again.) I tried to take pictures with my phone but couldn’t get the camera to center on something that small. After the pitching session, we looked spiders up on-line, finding out that the yellow crablike spider was known as the star spider. I told my son not to mess with it, like I had the other web two weeks before.

Then I thought about my lesson. Spiders still gross me out. However, a year ago I would have taken the webs out. Now I leave them be and I’m teaching my kids the benefit of the same.

How about you? Have you changed in the way you treat things that used to disgust you?

Spider pictures obtained from Wikipedia.

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Donna Volkenannt said...

Although I don't like spiders, I enjoyed reading about them in your post. Stronger than my dislike for spiders is my dislike for snakes. Occasionally, usually on a sunny day, I'll see a black snake around our property out in the country. After I found out that black snakes are actually helpful for eliminating rodents I now avoid them rather than screaming for my husband to kill them.