Wednesday, October 23, 2013

For Want of a Jacket…

                                        Picture of the bus that passes our house ever morning.

“That’s your bus.”

My teenager walked toward me where I sat on the couch. “No, Dad. That’s just a car. They pass all the time. Have you seen my band sweater?”

I told him I hadn’t but suggested he hurry. I hadn’t been looking outside when the bass diesel engine roar had passed several minutes earlier than expected. Still, I was convinced I was right. If so, my son had five minutes to get outside and up the street to his stop before the bus would hit the back of our subdivision, turn around, and reach the cross streets where he boarded each morning . My son demurred and continued his search.

“Forget your band sweater,” I said. “We’ll find it later. It’s time to go.”

He pushed the argument (he is a teenager) but gave in. Sighing, he headed upstairs as if he had an hour and returned wearing a light jacket, protesting as if it was a neon puke-green jumpsuit. He slung his backpack over his shoulder…then watched stupefied through the window as the bus passed the house.

I was a little miffed but not mad. My usually conscientious son has only once missed a bus since he started high school. Not a big deal, until he started looking for band jacket.

“Forget the band sweater,” I said. “You’re missing the point here.”

“What is the point?”

“You were so focused on finding your band sweater you ignored the fact that you possibly out of time. Had it been a car, you’d have been fine. But with the possibility that it was the bus, you needed to get moving.”

He said he understood. I know he did.

And, as I drove him to school that morning, I did enjoy the few minutes we had to chat…and where I reminded myself that he’s no different from me.

What kind of things do you see in your kids that remind you that they inherited their annoying traits from you?

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