Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It Was A Good Vacation

In my last post, I talked about vacation. I must now say that vacation is over.

It actually occurred a couple of weeks ago. My rising sophomore older son has been busy with marching band, which has been going 9-9 for the last two weeks. 

My pre-teen, following weeks of Strength & Agility Camp, has now gotten full into football season. He had three days of practice with just helmets, shorts, and shirts, and then went full pads last Thursday

Hard to believe that it’s still July. When I was a kid, vacation supposedly lasted three months. School started in mid- to late- August, after ending in May. There was three months of sleeping late, staying up late, combined with vacation trips to visit my relatives.

Now, though, the entire summer is scheduled. We fit in what trips we can with what time is available.

We did get one last day together. We took a trip to Six Flags as one last chance, taking a day off from the scheduled days to be together as family. My older son missed his scout meeting. My younger son 
missed his football practice. I did my best to put away my cell phone.

Until next summer.

It was fun while it lasted. 

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