Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cupfuls of Memories

I drink a lot of coffee.

My kids, particularly my younger one, constantly remind me of this fact. I brought home decaf last weekend and my younger son told me how proud he was of me.

As a coffee drinker, I’ve acquired a lot of coffee cups over the years. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m particular when I buy them. They have to evoke some sort of memory for me to purchase it. We took a family visit to my alma mater recently to watch some baseball games. While in town, I bought a cup with pictures of the university buildings. 

We took a family trip to Hoover Dam last year and I picked up one there. Two years ago, my older son brought me one home from a school trip, having traded arcade coupons for it. I have other cups, too. All from memories created with my kids.

However, one of my older cups (the one at the top of this post) broke last week. We pulled it out of the dishwasher and the handle came out. My wife said its 10,000 trip through the dishwasher was probably what did it in.

I bought the cup at the Luxor in Vegas back when my teenage son was only one. We’d driven from L.A. to Vegas with my in-laws. My wife went gambling with her parents. I took our son for a tour of the hotel. We found a camel puzzle in the gift shop, along with the coffee cup. Then, we spent a couple of hours in the McDonald’s inside the Luxor, eating French fries and doing the puzzle, until  the place closed down some time after midnight. Every time I drank coffee from that cup, I remembered that evening.

We went to Vegas last year. (The same time we visited Hoover Dam.) My older son was, as I mentioned, a teenager on this trip. It was his third time to Vegas. For my younger son, it was his first trip. 

My younger son had looked forward to the Vegas trip, getting upset only when he discovered that he was too young to gamble, that people smoke and drink in Vegas, and some women do disgusting things for money. However, Criss Angel and two all-you-can-eat buffets later, he thought Vegas was the great place he’d imagined before his arrival.

I plan to take care of the cups I acquired recently. I’ll use them sparingly and then put them away while they’re still whole.

I have so few years left with my kids.

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