Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Being There

For both my kids, their fall seasons are now officially over. My younger son’s ended when his football team lost in the first round of rec league playoffs. For my older son, who is in marching band, his season ended last Friday when Mill Creek lost to North Cobb in the quarterfinals of the high school football playoffs. We offered my younger son the opportunity to play basketball; He declined. My older son still has Boy Scouts, but that doesn’t occupy his time the way marching band does.

Essentially, both boys are taking a rest, at least as far as a rest can be taken. They are focused on their school work, exams, and chilling a bit before baseball sign-ups in January.

As a parent, I’m enjoying the rest, too. For a brief time, we don’t have to be somewhere every night and can enjoy family meals together at a proper time, as opposed to eating early and piling them in the car. The break is welcome. 

For at least a month, we have the holidays. Prior to Thanksgiving, we went to the Great Wolf Lodge and then spent Thanksgiving with my parents. For Christmas and New Year’s, we will see family again. In the interim, we have the holiday rush with decorating, parties, etc.

But I’m enjoying it.

I spent most of the fall watching my kids enjoy their activities. I was there for them, in the stands and at the beginning and end of practice. Still, I was watching them.

For the next month or so, I stop watching my kids do things and instead do things with them. That’s the best part of the holidays.

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