Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Charlie Brown Christmas, only bigger

above picture from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

In summer, I wrote a story about a crepe myrtle that was blocking my son’s fastball. I trimmed the tree to get rid of low branches, a fix that would last for two weeks before I had to do it again.

However, more important than the son’s pitching was when my wife realized that the branches were scratching her car. She said we needed to take action and began researching the best way to prune a tree. Her research indicated December was the best time to cut away branches, allowing the tree to come back more healthy in the following spring. Last Saturday, we began cutting.

I think we overdid it.

After two hours last Saturday afternoon, our crepe myrtle resembled the Christmas tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas. The poor tree looked sad, stripped of its myriad branches. We may have killed it.
Then again, we may have made it stronger for the future.

I hope it’s the latter.

How about you? Did your decorating ever kill the outdoors? Did we do the right thing for the tree?

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