Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Driving Dad Crazy

This afternoon, while I was driving on Peachtree Industrial, I reached a point where the road forks, with two lanes going right and another two lanes going left. As I was about to continue along in one of the lanes going right, a moron driving a pick-up in the far right lane realized he/she was going the wrong way.  This person, without signaling, cut across all lanes, including a short drive on the grass between the two tines of the fork.

I heaved a sigh. Thankfully, I was far enough away that I could put on my brakes in time.

And then part of me realized that my older son is fifteen.

When my son rides with me and is in the front passenger seat, I often point out things that he needs to think about. He’s still a long way from getting behind the wheel. He hasn’t even taken driver’s education yet. Still, it’s in the back of my mind, approaching like a freight train sliding on grease.

My wife and I have talked about what restrictions we’ll set on him. We plan on making him keep his permit. We’re already having discussions with his younger brother, who we know will try to irritate his older brother, regardless of the situation. We know we will set limitations on where he can drive as well as to the vehicle. We’re thinking a mini-tank on wheels.

Will it be enough?

My older sister discovered the shoulder of a road (and beyond) within two days of getting her license. It snowed on the day I got my license. I was thankful that I remembered my lessons on skidding when I hit that ice patch.

When your kids start driving, what restrictions do you put on them? I’d appreciate a few suggestions.

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