Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sleeping the Sleep of the Guilty

I overslept last Friday.

I didn't mean to. I'd set my alarm. I’d planned to get up, but as I stared through a groggy haze, I couldn't push myself out of bed. Then my front door beeped and I realized what was happening.

I was about to miss seeing off my teenage son for school.

I wrote about this a few weeks ago--how my son leaves for school early in the morning. I started getting up early with him as I don’t want him to go off to school alone in the dark. I know he's a big boy. I know he's capable. But I'm his dad. I promised him I'd be up.

And when that beep went off, I realized I'd broken my promise.

I called out his name to wait for a second, grabbed some shorts and a t-shirt, and rushed downstairs. He was putting on his shoes. He had just stepped outside to see if he could hear the bus coming. It comes early sometimes. I'd made it, I guessed, with a few seconds to spare. I didn't feel happy about it, but it felt like a reprieve, a second chance to do right.

He came home from school that afternoon and I told him to rest. His high school had an away game that day and he had to go as part of the marching band. I needed to have him to the school to catch the bus to the game.

Some time around 11:00 p.m., I showed up at the high school to pick him up. The bus rolled in later. He couldn't leave right away as he had to help the band unpack and put his own stuff away. Finally, we could leave. We got home just before midnight. I'd had a long day, but his had been longer. I'd been there at both ends of his day but still felt like I'd failed.

I know this won't be the first time I oversleep. I'm getting older and I just can't keep up. However, I need to get to bed earlier, so I can make both ends of his day and everything in between.

Because I'm his dad.

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