Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Lesson of the Honey Badger

Picture from LSU Sportsnet website
Like any football fan, my 10-year old has certain players he loves to watch, players that are not part of his favorite team but still make the game exciting. One of those players was Tyrann Mathieu, known to college football fans everywhere as the Honey Badger.

Up until a week ago, Tyrann Mathieu played for LSU. A Heisman finalist last season, he was an incredible defensive player. (Click here to see his bio from LSU’s website.) This fall, he could have led LSU to a national championship, but he was kicked off the team for breaking the rules.

I told my 10-year old what happened and it upset him. What did Honey Badger do he asked? I told him I didn’t know but asked my son if he understood what it meant. Rules matter and they apply to even the best.

As my son watches college football and wishes he could watch Mathieu play, I hope the lesson sinks in a little more.

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