Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is a Tree More Beautiful Than a Fastball?

We have a crepe myrtle in our front yard. The blooms add a nice touch of color in the spring and summer. However, there’s a problem with it. Some of its branches overhang our driveway.  For most people, this would likely mean that the branches could scratch one’s car twice a day. However, for us it’s a different problem.

The branches impede my son’s fastball.

With a hill for a backyard, the driveway is the only place my closer-in-training can practice his pitching. Football season has started and baseball won’t crank up again until next February. However, every day that my son doesn’t have football practice becomes a day for pitching practice. And not a week goes by where we don’t have to trim the tree. Every time it rains, the branches hang lower. We cut, pitch, cut and pitch again.

My wife worries every time we take the cutters, saying that I give little thought to the tree’s appearance. However, the issue has never been about appearance so much as clearing a path. I do my best to trim only blooms that are past their prime, leaving the ones that have room to grow. I have to do my best. The tree will continue to grow. So will my son.

As for the tree, does anyone have a better idea?

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