Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Man Can Cook

My wife took our kids to the beach this week. They left Father’s Day morning, so we celebrated Father’s Day on Saturday. They caravanned with my younger sister and her kids. My brother-in-law, like me, has to work and couldn’t get away either.

Before she left, my wife prepared dinners for me and stuck them in the freezer, letting me know that she’d taken care of the week and suggested I should go out to eat a couple of nights. This is nothing new. She’s done it before. There have been times before when my family had to go on vacation without me. It’s a fact of life and fact of work, and one that keeps the bills paid.

However, there was something a little different about this trip.

It’s the first time I can remember that I didn’t take at least a tad bit of offense at my wife’s preparations for making sure I would eat well in the evenings.

My wife does the cooking at our house and she’s better at it than I am. However, it’s not like I can’t cook.  There have been times when I handled the cooking for myself and the kids. I also was on my own for a few years before I got married and I survived.

So, on previous trips, when my wife did all the prep work for me, I would get a little bit miffed. I took her preparations as implying that I was helpless without her. And while it may be true, it’s still a lot to take. I know I can cook.

The truth is, so does my wife.

When she prepares meals for me, she doesn’t do it to imply that I can’t cook. She does it as she knows that I work hard every day and she wants to make dinner as easy as possible for me when I get home.

It’s not a sign of concern,

It’s a show of love.

Man can learn to cook. I’ve proved that.

However, more important is that Man Can Learn.

Honey, I can’t wait to see you and the boys when you return. I love you!

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DEZMOND said...

awww, such a touching post! You really make us men proud, brother!