Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lottery Blues

I’ll admit it. I bought a ticket for last week’s $500+ million lottery jackpot.

I made a special trip to the grocery store late Friday afternoon and stood in line with the rest of the crowd at Kroger, all of us ready to plunk down our donations to education funding in Georgia.

While standing there in line, I noticed a sign that said eggs were selling for less than a dollar a dozen. I thought that sounded like a good deal, so I pulled out my cell and called my wife.

She confirmed it. “Pick up two dozen,” she said.

My brief shopping trip complete, I headed home. My wife was happy with my alertness, since she plans her shopping trips with getting the best savings she can. In her mind, my alertness with the eggs had more than paid for the lottery tickets, meaning we hadn’t wasted money. I even posted the following phrase on my FB page: “You know you're married when impressing a woman means realizing that eggs are on sale.” It was probably one of the most popular comments that I’ve ever made on FB.

About midnight, we were up late watching a movie and my wife suggested I should check the numbers. I pulled out my iPad and looked it up.

We didn’t match a single number.

My wife laughed about it as we always do when we buy lottery tickets for big jackpots. Then she noticed my receipt and saw that I’d bought two tickets.

“I told you to get one.”

I fumbled for a response but said nothing. I knew I couldn’t say that I thought her comment to “buy two” was for the tickets as well as the eggs.

“You erased our savings,” she said.

Truthfully, she wasn’t that worried about the extra dollar, but there’s a principle involved. It would be great to win the lottery, but the chance of winning is minuscule. You pay to participate in the fun of “possibility.” One ticket is fine.

Two are a waste.

Glad I didn’t buy five.


irishoma said...

Love that your Facebook post got so much response.

Walt Mussell said...

Thank you. My wife is still making fun of me about it.

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