Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Cautious Step Forward

After a long time of ignoring the internet capabilities of our Wii, I finally went through the process of making my sons’s system internet-capable. I connected to the net, downloaded the software, and can now use our TV to surf the web.

I did this primarily for my wife. She often watches Japanese TV and videos on her laptop. I thought it would be nice if she could watch those videos on TV, making them a lot easier to see. She admits she’s looking forward to it.

The thing I wasn’t thinking about though is that it opens up the Wii for my sons to compete in their games against other players around the world. I have to admit that this intimidated me a little. There a lot of crazy people in the world. My sons, ages 14 and 10, are trusting kids. They also like their games. They idea of challenging other players makes them happy.

We had a long talk with our kids. We explained the ground rules.

1) Never use your real name or anything similar as your screen name.
2) Never chat with another player.
3) Never mention your age.
4) Never mention where you’re from.
5) Never download anything without asking their Mom or I.

They say they understand. They say they won’t do any of these things. We’ve told them that we trust them.

With that in mind, they started playing with other players and are having a blast. For the moment, they’re losing big.

Watching it on the screen, both their Mom and I think it looks like fun.

Let’s hope it stays the way it is.

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Lindi said...

I think you did a great job with the rules. I'm sure it's amazing to think your in competition with people all over the world.
Kind of like the writing biz, huh?