Tuesday, March 20, 2012


You would never know it to talk with him, but my 10-year old son has a shyness problem.

The reason you wouldn’t know it is that he is into drama. Sometimes, he will fake being mad in order to try to get his way with his mother and me.

Our reaction?

We applaud his performance.

However, there are certain times when the little guy disappears into his shell…when he’s around somebody famous that he wants to meet.

We first noticed this year a few years ago. His favorite Atlanta Brave, Brian McCann, was doing an autograph signing at a company downtown.

We took both our boys to meet him. My older son had no problem introducing himself.

My younger son hid behind me and refused to show himself.

We’ve given him a hard time ever since, but we never thought we’d see again.

Until last week.

One of my son’s favorite movies is “The Blind Side.” He’s watched it many times.

However, last Friday, we went over to Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center to see my aunt, Jeanne Robertson, give a performance. My aunt is a popular humorist and can be heard often on Sirius XM on Blue Collar Comedy. She has a number of clips on YouTube and one of them, Don’t Send a Man to the Grocery Store, has millions of hits.

There was a table set up in the lobby where fans could buy DVDs and CDs of my aunt’s performances. Next to the table was a table for my aunt’s sponsor. The spokesperson for the sponsor was an Atlanta-based actress named Ashley LeConte Campbell.

Among her film credits, Ms. Campbell had a small role in The Blind Side. (She’s one of the women Sandra Bullock eats lunch with. Click here for a clip.)

Once my younger son found out, he wanted to meet Ms. Campbell. When I took him over, he hid behind me and refused to say “Hi,” instead keeping his hands over his face but moving his fingers so he could peer out from behind them. Try as I might, I couldn’t pull him out of his shell.

However, a few minutes later, Ms. Campbell realized she needed a pen. With six boys (my two along with cousins and their friends) running around, Ms. Campbell announced that she would give a dollar to the first child that brought her a pen.

I handed my 10-year old my pen and he rushed over to claim his prize.

On Saturday night, for family movie night, we pulled out our DVD of the Blind Side and watched it again.

The little guy enjoyed every minute of it.

Maybe one day my son will get over his shyness.

If only Brian McCann had offered a dollar for a pen.

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