Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Double Cup of Love

“Daddy, can I make you mocha?”

My ten-year old son likes to make coffee for my wife and me. I don’t know why. It’s not that he grinds the beans or anything. It’s just that he likes adding sugar and milk to the coffee and bringing it to us. If it’s the evening and all we have is cold brew left over from the morning, he’ll ding that in the microwave.

However, what he really enjoys is making me his own personal mocha.

He’ll put cocoa or a piece of a chocolate bar in the coffee. He’ll heat it up, add the extras, and then top it with his special ingredient, whipped cream. Then he’ll bring it over and sit with me as I drink it. It’s a nice feeling.

However, last week, when he made me mocha, he used a Dave & Buster’s coffee mug. (Dave & Buster’s is a family-style restaurant and game facility.) I had to smile. The mug was new in our house. My older son went on a band trip recently and they had stopped at Dave & Buster’s for dinner. My son won lots of tickets and brought home gifts for everyone.

My gift was the coffee mug.

So, when I looked at my younger son bringing the mocha, I noted the mug and realized I was looking at a double portion of love.

What a lucky dad I am.

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Keli Gwyn said...

Wow! What a special way for your son to show his love.