Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who speaks for the NOOKies?

My “shares a birthday with Elvis” younger son put me on trial this past weekend.

The charge? He claims I deserted my previous favorite toy, my Nook, in favor of my new toy, an iPad.

I got the Nook last year and was hooked immediately. I’d wanted an eReader for a long time but hadn’t gotten around to it. For a long time, I debated Nook vs. Kindle before settling on the Nook. I downloaded some books on it as soon as I got it and began reading. I took it with me on trips and found it a lot easier than carrying four or five books for a week. Granted, I still brought one book with me on trips to take to the pool so my Nook wouldn’t get wet.

Then, I got the iPad.

The first apps I downloaded were Nook and Kindle applications and I began reading again. I also downloaded other applications, such as Words with Friends and Angry Birds, meaning I’m now using my new toy to read, play online scrabble, and shoot pigs. However, I still use my Nook. I took it with me when we visited family over the holidays. I’m even reading different books on each device.

Then, last Wednesday, I left my Nook in my wife’s car.

My older son found it a couple of days later and brought it inside. My younger son then accused me of abandoning my Nook, throwing it aside in favor of new technology. He set himself up as legal counsel, claiming to speak on behalf of abandoned Nookies everywhere. He re-named his mom Judge Judy and called his older brother as an eyewitness.

I tried to defend myself. I said that my older son was already using the Nook and was reading some books. I’m also said I was still using it. Given that it’s become somewhat archaic, it’s actually a little more valuable. I can take it places where people are using iPads. No one notices a first edition Nook.

My younger son found me guilty anyway but has yet to decide my sentence. Finding me guilty was enough for him.

Also, my older son does like the Nook. He does read on it. He also plays sudoku on it.
However, to fully make the transition, I’ll probably have to download Hunger Games for him.

Still, my younger son has another complaint.

Why is his older brother getting the Nook instead of him?


Lydia Kang said...

Nook problems? At least they didn't complain and say you needed to buy another one to settle the fairness issue.

Walt Mussell said...

Well, he hasn't said anything yet. However, it's still possible that he will mention it.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I read off my IPad but the glare kind of gets to me. I still want a Kindle or Nook just for books.
I think it's kind of cool how kids are already comfortable reading off of ereaders. :)

Walt Mussell said...

Jennifer, that's why I like my Nook. I can use it just for reading.

Anonymous said...

My dad is lyng he doesn't really like his nook and he hasen't told the whole story.


Virginia said...

Have you read The HungerGames? One of my fave books ever... But you should read it first. Don't know the age of your son, but I bought a copy to block out some of the gore so my 12 year old could read it. And she read 'Inheritance', the last of the Paolini cycle... His favorite word seemed to be 'corpse'. Hunger Games is a masterpiece, but very intense.