Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Movie Night

“C’mon, Dad. It’s movie night.”

My ten-year old son pulled at my arm, his pleas sounding more and more urgent. Movie night was a family event. He wanted to get it started.

My family and I like to watch movies. We go once a month to the theater. We also own a number of videos and DVDs and occasionally rent directly from our cable company.

However, the movie quotient in our house has been upped of late. Last year, my older son, having saved his money for something he really wanted, bought a blu-ray player. He brought it home, ready to watch the supposedly improved picture quality. Then he made a discovery that none of our TVs are high-definition, meaning that a blu-ray shows little improvement over what we currently have.

Undeterred, he figured out a solution. He asked for an HDTV for Christmas. My wife and I saw the logic in his request. We wanted to get an HDTV as well. However, we realized it made no sense to get an HDTV for our son’s room. So, we offered him a suggestion. We would get a nice HDTV for him. He would then share it with the family. He readily agreed. The new TV is now in our sun room.

My son also got several new blu-ray discs of movies he wanted for Christmas. His little brother, who had a birthday earlier this month, spent some of his birthday money on other movies.

And now we have movie night.

My kids look forward to watching the movies on the new TV. However, they really seem to like sitting on a couch with Mom and Dad and enjoying the night at home. (Yes, they’re still young.)

So, it’s with earnest that my younger son tags at my arm and says, “C’mon Dad. It’s movie night. I made the popcorn.”

“OK,” I say. “I’m coming.”

“Good,” he says and then adds “and Dad, no computer allowed during movie night.”

Because he wants us all to himself.

As long as my kids want to spend time with the parents, I’ll enjoy it…while it lasts.

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