Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Recycling

My little one loves Christmas trees. I've mentioned that here before.

This fact leads to interesting scenes when it's time each year to get rid of them.

My son, now nearly ten years old, doesn't like to think about it. This year, with a week-long trip to see family beginning on the 26th, we stripped the tree of ornaments on the 25th, laying them on the dining room table for putting them away on our return. We also took down the lights. On the morning of the 26th, we took down the tree, leaving it on the front porch, out of sight from anyone. The idea was not to draw attention to ourselves. We did our best.

After we returned home, we knew it was time to get rid of the tree. My older son and I tied it to the top of my wife's car and we headed out to Home Depot. I was a little nervous as there was a blustery wind. I drove the back roads, afraid of having made a mistake and seeing the tree spill out onto the road a la the mayhem commercials from Allstate.

As I said above, my older son went with me to help me get rid of the tree.

My younger one stayed home.

The trip to Home Depot proved uneventful. We picked up a pizza and headed back.

There were broken branches still left on the porch as well, remnants from wreaths and other greenery decorations my wife had done a masterful job with in decorating our house. I asked my younger son to throw them in the woods out back. My wife called down and just asked that they put in the shrubbery out front, the needles to serve as pine needle mulch.

Maybe we should have done that with the rest of the tree and allowed my little guy to say goodbye.

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