Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome to the Forest

We have five trees in the house.

I’m not exactly sure when this little forest started. It had to be after last Christmas. Last year, we had our one live Christmas tree on the first floor and then a smaller plastic one on the walkway between the bedroom and the loft that led to the boys’ rooms.

There must have been a sale last year.

When my wife asked the boys and me to bring the new trees upstairs from the basement, I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about at first. However, I looked in the storeroom and there they were: three seven-foot plastic trees, still in their boxes. I don’t remember her picking them up last year. She may have just gone shopping, unloaded them herself from the car and stored them in the basement. Given my keen attention to detail, I never noticed them.

But they’re out now and they’re up.

We have our one live tree next to the stairs.

We have a snow-colored tree in our sun room, decorated in candy-cane-colored plastic ornaments.

We also have a typical green plastic tree in our den, next to our TV. It’s also right next to the window and on the same side of the house as the snow-colored tree. I’m sure the neighbors in the subdivision across from ours can see both trees through the woods behind our house, now that the leaves have fallen and cleared the line of view. Those neighbors may think we like to celebrate Christmas a little. We do

The boys also now have their own tree in their loft, decorated with sports-related ornaments. They put it up themselves and put all the decorations like they wanted them. My wife re-arranged the decorations after the boys went to bed.

We still have the small one in the walkway. This makes five. Plus we have several little trees on counters.

I have to say I like all the trees. I’ve always liked houses that displayed more than one tree. It makes a house seem more festive.

However, I can’t remember ever having conveyed that sentiment to my wife. She likes decorations, but she’s always been much more subdued than I am.

I’ll spend the rest of Christmas wondering how she knew.

And thankful that there are no trees in the bathrooms.


Keli Gwyn said...

Our daughter loves Christmas with all the trimmings. I'm sure she'd be thrilled if we had more than one tree. However, now that we've reached the Empty Nest stage, one is my limit I'm afraid.

Enjoy your festive forest!

Lydia Kang said...

You really have a forest in your house! Good think there aren't any in the bathroom. The boys might feel the need to "get back to nature" and use the tree as the toilet, LOL

Walt Mussell said...

@Keli - I'm sure I'll enjoy it while it lasts

@Lydia - I haven't checked the boys' bathroom yet. There may be one there.