Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It’s the Chicken Man*

*with apologies to Toy Story 2 from where I got that line

My younger son (my nine-year old) loves fried chicken.

Let me rephrase that. My younger son is crazy about fried chicken.

Awhile back, Food Network did a show about a fried chicken battle between two places in Pittsburg, Kansas: Chicken Mary’s and Chicken Annie’s. Chicken Mary’s won the competition.

Since that show, my son has been begging us to go to Kansas for vacation, solely for the purpose of eating chicken. However, that’s only part of it. He added chicken from Chicken Mary’s to his Christmas List, asking that Santa bring him a take-out order. My Uncle Steve has jokingly suggested that we get a take-out box from Chicken Mary’s, put leftover chicken bones in it, and then leave a note from Santa with an apology that says “he just got hungry.”

Recently, an online article about the “best chicken places in the U.S.” caught my eye. I read the article and noticed that one of the places, Mama Dip’s, was located in Chapel Hill, NC, less than an hour from where I grew up. Knowing that we were headed to NC for Thanksgiving, we planned a trip to Mama Dip’s. My younger son was ecstatic.

The evening came and went. The chicken was delicious. My son declared it “better than KFC.” (Granted, we hoped it would at least be that.) However, he talked about moving on to bigger things. He still wants to go to Chicken Mary’s. He still wants Santa to bring him take-out.

What’s the strangest gift your kids have ever asked you for?

Pictures of Mama Dip's from http://www.chapelhillmemories.com/. Picture of Chicken Mary's from http://www.city-data.com/.

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Victoria Dixon said...

LOVED your Uncle's suggestion! LOL Made me LOL.

My kidlit's only five and has not had access to that much advertising, so she's only beginning to request things for Christmas. Also, her sight's poor, so she doesn't see posters and stand up ads for toys. The vision thing makes me sad except at Christmas time!

Well, if you come out to Kansas, let me know. In Kansas City, there's also Stroud's, which looks similar to Mama Dip's, Science City, a nice zoo with a built-in docent in my husband to show you all around and I'm sure we could entertain you for awhile. ;D