Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I tried to play Madden NFL 11 with my kids this weekend.

It wasn’t easy.

My younger son plays the game often. He’s pretty good at it, and plays the game at the top (Madden) level. He wants to get the latest version as he wants to play with Cam Newton at QB. My older son doesn’t play it as much, preferring baseball and other Wii games. Still, he’s better than his Dad.

When we tried to log in, I had to get my son to take it down a few notches. At first, it didn’t work. Even starting at rookie level, he wanted to put in all the extras.

“Dad, let’s put in the fumbles. Let’s put in the penalties. Let’s put in the injuries. Let's put in turbo speed.”

The fumbles is a particularly interesting option. It’s like playing contact flag football. You have to get your players out of bounds. If they get hit, they’ll fumble the ball. For a guy who’s just learning to maneuver the characters, it wasn’t the fun way to go.

We finally had to re-set the game and I know my kids took it easy on me. I had to learn how to pass, throw, and run. Still, with thirty seconds left before my time expired, my younger son rubbed a bit of his expertise in. He set up with four wide receivers and blew by my defenders for an easy TD.

“Dad, you had the wrong defense there. You had linebackers covering wide receivers. That’s a mismatch.”

I know that, but knowing is one thing. Reacting to it fast enough is another.

Until the next time.

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