Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Enter the Colonel

I signed on to head the popcorn drive for my son’s Boy Scout troop.

Part of me says I don’t know why I did it. However, the other part of me knows exactly why.

It offered an opportunity.

As parents, we often say we want to get more involved in our kid’s activities. I’ve broached the topic here before. My job keeps me busy. I can make activities that require me to show up occasionally, However, activities that require repeated time commitments are out.

So when the position of popcorn chair for son’s scout troop was needed, I thought here was an activity I could do. The commitment was a sizable one, but it would only take me through November. This one I could handle, I said to myself.

It doesn’t mean it won’t be easy. My limited experience with the popcorn tells me that the girl scouts must be much better organized with the cookie sales. However, I will soldier on.

I ran into my son’s Cub Scout den leaders recently. During the conversation, I told them I was handling the popcorn drive.

They both smiled at me. “You’re the colonel,” they said.

“Colonel (kernel)” is the term given to the popcorn chair. I smiled back and said, “Yes, I am.”

And while we’re on the subject, would anyone like to buy some popcorn. Drop me a line or post your e-mail here. We do sell on-line. I’ll send you a link. :-)

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