Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Suggestions for the Arizona Tourism Board

One last word on our trip out west to visit family.

We really enjoyed our recent trip. We try to visit my in-laws as often as we can. When we lived in Portland, we saw them often. Since moving to Georgia, our trips are fewer, so we make our visits longer.

As I showed last week, there were a number of memorable things about the trip, particularly the Grand Canyon among other things. I hope we do go again someday and I would recommend it to anyone.

However, for those planning a trip to Arizona, I would like to provide you with a list of things that won’t be found on any website discussing Arizona tourism. While these items in no way should ever dissuade a visit, they should be acknowledged.

1) The bugs in Arizona are bigger then you may be accustomed to. Attacks are not an issue. However, expect to wash your windshield more often.
2) There are no bank signs showing the temperature. At some point, hot is just hot and the number is meaningless.
3) For those traveling from California, Exit #9 on I-40 in Arizona has cheap gas.
4) Just because an exit has a sign for a fast food restaurant does not mean that the fast food restaurant is close to the exit.
5) Pitch dark can take on a new meaning.
6) Even if a hotel has multiple pools, do not ask if one of them inside unless you like making the hotel staff laugh.
7) If the sign at the exit says no services for 60 miles, believe it.
8) For those visiting the Petrified Forest, the trees you remember from textbooks are at the south entrance. The only food in the Petrified Forest is at the north entrance. Plan accordingly, especially if you have kids.
9) The Chapel of the Holy Cross (Sedona) is still a tourist attraction. It’s closed on Christmas and Easter.
10) There is an abundance of mules for those who wish to ride the trails in the Grand Canyon. For those who wish to hike the trails, there is an abundance of mule poop.

Have a good week.

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