Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peter Banning Doesn't Live Here

“Dad, you missed two of my games last year,” my 9 y.o told me in reference to his football team from last season.

“I made eight of your games,” I responded, knowing that I’d caught six of the regular season games and both playoff games. (I would have caught more playoff games, but they unfortunately lost that second one. I also made both preseason scrimmages but I didn’t point that out to him. Granted, I didn’t remember it at the time.)

Still, the comment hurt a bit. I love watching my kids play sports and I do my best to make their games. During baseball season, I’ve served as scorekeeper. This fall, I know I will serve at a couple of football games in a volunteer capacity.

But I’ve seen the schedule. I know the horrible truth. I will miss a couple of games this season, too. And this year, like last year, I know there’s nothing I can do.

Still, I know it doesn’t make me Peter Banning. However, I can’t help but feeling that way. For those of you unfamiliar with the reference, Peter Banning is a character from the movie Hook. In Hook, Peter Pan has grown up and is now a hotshot lawyer with a wife and kids. He makes a lot of money but never makes time for his family. Hook plots his re revenge on Pan by kidnapping his kids and trying to establish a “connection” with Pan’s son, trying to entice Pan’s son to him instead of Pan.

I would not recommend Hook from an entertainment point-of-view as the movie proves it is possible to have two incredible personalities like Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman in a movie and have it suck anyway. Still, the movie does a good job of pointing out the importance of being there for family events.

I’ll miss two games. I have to live with that.

But I don’t doubt that I’ll always be there for my boys.


Aron White said...

Walt, Great post :) I'd have to disagree though about Hook as a movie. It's not Spielberg's best work by any means, but I enjoyed Hoffman/Williams, liked the overall story and prefer it to the original Peter Pan. John Williams also wrote some of the best soundtrack music of his career for it as well. Just my opinion though :) As editors are fond saying, "tastes vary according to market." Great use of Peter Banning as a reference. That part of the movie about him not having time for his son always stuck with me and the character sort of became the posterchild in my mind for an absent father.

Walt Mussell said...

Aron, my kids would agree with you. They love the movie. I just thought Hoffman's and Williams's talents were underutilized.

Thanks for stopping by.

aquarium supplies said...

What a bad movie ! I actually hate it so much!