Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nate McLouth Slept Here (for five minutes at least)

I spent last Thursday in a place no parent enjoys being, the emergency room.

My nine-year old, excited about a Braves win over the Mets last Thursday night, went to bed happy. A few minutes later, he started crying about a severe headache and then upchucked what was left of his dinner.

My wife and I gave him ibuprofen and placed a cold compress on his head, trying to soothe him. However, when the compress had no effect, we realized the ibuprofen likely wasn’t going to help much either. We got him dressed and then I started that late night drive to North Forsyth’s emergency room.

We got checked in quickly and seen quickly. The diagnosis was dehydration, a product of the recent start of Agility Camp (a precursor to fall football practice). He hadn’t been drinking enough water overall and it finally got to him. Oddly, it hit him on Thursday, a night when he doesn’t have practice. Still, my wife and knew the diagnosis was true. He wasn’t drinking enough water.

However, before we went home, the doctor at North Forsyth wanted to run a CAT scan. Since there’s no history of migraines in the family, the doctor wanted to rule out anything unexpected. So, off my little guy and I went to a room with a table and a big white doughnut. My son, a little scared, asked if I could stay with him. The technician said I could, so I donned a lead apron. Thinking about my son’s love of sports and that he was practicing for football, I thought of a way to calm his nerves.

“Just think,” I said, “Falcons have been on this table.”

“Yes,” the technician added, “and Braves, too.”

I glanced at the technician. “You can’t tell me who, can you,” I asked, hopeful.

She shook her head. “No.”

“I figured there were privacy issues.”

I turned back to my son. “You hear that? Falcons and Braves were both on this table.” An outfield collision from a Braves game last summer entered my mind and I had to bring it up. “Just think. Last baseball season, Nate McLouth was on that table.”

My son smiled and he calmed a bit. A minute later the machine began moving and I sat and watched as he never stopped smiling.

We got the results a little over a half hour later. No issues. The hospital discharged and we headed home.

Assured he was feeling better, my wife and I lectured our son on the need to drink enough water. Hopefully, it won’t happen again.

To my son or Nate McLouth.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Dehydration. Wow, how scary.
A good reminder for me to drink more too in this heat.

You're such a good dad with your son. :-)

Victoria Dixon said...

Thank God he's ok! Funny enough, my father had this problem while working in Joplin over the weekend. We had to go on a road trip and bring him home as he was in no condition to drive.