Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tribute To A Volunteer

I hope a lot of people read this today. Tomorrow it may not be up.

But with the school year having ended, I wanted to say something about a special elementary school volunteer.

When we moved here several years ago, it was so that we could be closer to family. However, it was also because I had a job offer that would allow my wife the opportunity of being a stay-at-home Mom. She made the kids lunches in the morning, drove them to school, and was able to pick them up when the school day ended. From there, she planned activities, made sure they did their homework, and had dinner ready when I got home. It was fine for a while.

But after awhile it didn’t work for her.

So, with the idea of getting more involved in the education of our kids as well as getting to know their teachers, my wife began volunteering at the elementary school. It started slow. She helped in the classroom, but mostly she volunteered in the Media Center (what we used to call a library). She soon found herself at school four days a week, not only working in the Media Center but also teaching science labs. Not only do the teachers know her well, but the kids do, too.

Our older son is in middle school now and will be in eighth grade next year, so he doesn’t see his Mom during the school day anymore. However, he did for the three years he attended elementary school here in Georgia. It kept him on his toes and studying. Our younger son will be in the fourth grade next fall. I don’t know how he feels about seeing his Mom everyday. Secretly, though, he seems to enjoy it.

And I know that her contribution to our kids’ education has been inestimable.

I said at the beginning that this post may not be up tomorrow. My lovely wife is very private. Lauding her contribution to the school and our children’s education publicly could have me sleeping on the couch. At the very least, it will likely get me a call sometime today asking that I remove this.

For now, though, I just want her to know what I think of her.


Lydia K said...

PHew, I was afraid the post might not be up for more scary reasons...I think your wife is a hero. Volunteers and teachers are so underappreciated.

Victoria Dixon said...

Walt, this is absolutely lovely. I can tell you two are great parents and a wonderful team.

Walt Mussell said...

Lydia, I' just amazed it's still up, though my wife did point out that there are many momre vounteers at the school besides her.

Vic, thanks for the compliment.