Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Latest Gadget

“Put that away before Daddy steps on it.”

My wife has uttered the above words more than I can remember. The kids are always leaving things on the floor. She has warned them repeatedly that I can’t see past my kneecaps. My older son has learned. (The wisdom that comes with age.) My younger son not so much.

However, the floor is not the only place. My younger son still leaves stuff on tables and chairs where it can get knocked off, covered, spilled on. Anything goes.

And just today, my wife was saying, “Guess what I found on the table while you were out. I can’t believe you just got that and you didn’t put it back in its protective case.”

Only this time she was talking to me. And the item I left out? My new glasses.

After 40+ years of being able to read fine print directly in front of me of from across a room, I finally reached the point where I started having to hold stuff at arm’s length. I knew it was coming. My parents both had fantastic vision (or so they told me) until a certain age. When I crossed that threshold, I knew it was only a matter of time. I lasted a couple of years longer than they did, but I couldn’t put it off forever.

So, I went to see my local eye doctor, and I got what he called a mild prescription. They’re just for reading. And when I put them on, I don’t need to enlarge the text on my Nook.

So, while reading one night, I put them down on the end table, and I left them open in the case.

It took my wife less than half a Sunday morning to notice I’d left them out. She let me know immediately.

Her only comment? “We did buy the indestructible pair for a reason.”

The comments about me being just like the other boys in the house came later. They always do.


Anonymous said...

Oh, boy can I relate. I hit that magical age myself recently.

And wait until you can't find your glasses because you can't find your glasses. Or you can't fix your glasses because you can't see to fix them while they are off.

Or the worse case scenario. You sit on them.

They should come with instructions.

Walt Mussell said...

All reasons why we got the indestructible pair. Granted, they were a little pricey, so we only got one pair. Hopefully my prescription won't change much and I can add a second pair next year.

Thanks for dropping by.

Lydia K said...

This woman I work with bought ten, inexpensive pairs of the destructible kind. She keeps them in every purse, in the major rooms of her house, at her office, in the car...

I think I'm going to have go that route when the time comes.

Walt Mussell said...

Lydia, hopefully that will be a long time away.