Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Creaking You Never Planned For

“Is that our new exercise machine making that noise?” my wife asked, her voice carrying from the den to the loft.
“No, Honey,” I replied, “just my knees.”

Yes, we have a new exercise machine. There are a lot on them on the market and you can’t flip channels without seeing the latest “Ab-something-or-other” that promises to give you cut abs or eliminate your gut. These are the small items.

On the other end of the scale there are big items like treadmills. When I go to a gym, I often work on treadmills. When I see people with treadmills in their home, I get jealous. I’ve long wanted one. I just always thought it would be too big for the house.

But that’s a cop out. The truth is I know I wouldn’t make enough of a habit of it.

Prior to this purchase, the only thing I’d ever bought for exercise was a Pilates DVD. I got into the habit for awhile, even buying an advanced Pilates DVD. My wife got me a mat to work out on. And I did Pilates for several months, but I fell out of the habit. So if I bought some kind of machine, I’d probably use it for a few months and then it would become a large dust magnet.

Leave it to my one of my kids to push me into exercising.

While watching QVC one night, I saw a reasonably priced elliptical machine. I wanted it but couldn’t make a decision. And then my nine-year old football/baseball playing younger son decided to spend his birthday money on it.

As a Dad, I couldn’t let that happen. I told him I’d split the cost with him. We could get in shape together. He loved the idea.

A few days later, the elliptical doohickey arrived. I assembled it and he jumped on it immediately, burning off 500 calories with a smile. I stepped onto it and had trouble keeping my balance. My wife feared I would fall off.

That was three weeks ago.

My younger son has been on it a couple of times. My wife and I are already telling him that he needs to use it more since he bought it. I’ve averaging about three times a week, but I’m out of shape. I am getting better at my keeping my balance.

My older son, who wasn’t involved in the purchase, uses it every day. I’m glad someone’s getting use out of it.

But the best thing though is that we found a new use for the Pilates mat. We put the new machine on top of it.

How about you? Do you buy things and then worry about ever actually using them?


Melissa said...

It seems like we get a new machine every new year. Looks like we would have learned by now that they will just end up collecting dust. LOL We start out good, just can't keep the routine going. Good luck!

Walt Mussell said...

Melissa, I'm trying to get my younger son to start using it. HE says he is, but I haven't seen it yet.

Aron White said...

My wife and I haven't taken the plunge and bought an exercise machine yet. We tried working out at LA Fitness Gym for about 10 mo's and dropped the membership because we knew we weren't serious enough to go on a regular basis. For now, I've been controlling my weight by watching what I eat and trying to take walks around the neighborhood as often as possible.

I agree about the concern for buying things and not using them. We bought a house awhile back and bought what we needed and our purchases have been on the light side recently. Case in point, I almost bought an Xbox Kinect for Christmas, but decided I wasn't excited enough about it to justify the cost, so at least I didn't buy one more thing I wouldn't be using :)

Walt Mussell said...

Aron, my younger son would love an Xbox. He has a Madden NFL Sports for his Wii, but the college version only works for the Xbox.