Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three for TCU

And so ends what is probably the greatest season in Auburn history. As an Auburn fan, I can’t remember a season so fraught with angst and relief. I’ve read about great seasons, seen great seasons, and yet none will stick with me like this one. Out of fourteen games, the team trailed in nine of them, four times by double digits. The Alabama game will provide lasting memories, second only to the National Championship win over Oregon.

So many things could have gone wrong in that game. A lot did. Each time Auburn gets this close, it feels like something goes wrong. Had Auburn lost this year, that hit the referee put on one of our defenders in the 4th quarter would have ranked up there with a long line of “almosts.”

A lot has been written about this championship and I’ll admit I’ve read most of it. A late night watching the game, along with a busy day at work, did not allow for time to pen my post until now. However, when I saw the final numbers for AP, I noted that three voters had picked TCU as #1.

I flashed back to 2004, when Auburn had been shut out of playing for the National Championship, despite having an undefeated season. The lone hope that something might come out of it was that the AP would rebel and crown Auburn. It was a possibility. But when I saw the poll the next day, I saw Auburn still in second. However, only three voters had gone against the trend and voted Auburn first place.

That’s right. The same number of AP voters that picked TCU #1 also chose Auburn #1.

I know it wasn’t the same three people. I knew one of the AP voters that voted for Auburn in 2004. He gave it up after that season, citing it as not being “fun” anymore. Still, I thought seeing the same number of votes now as then as strange.

I don’t begrudge TCU their votes. They earned them. They had a wonderful season. Like Auburn, they deserved a shot to play for it all and didn’t get it. Somewhere in the 4th quarter of the USC-OK Championship game, USC fans began a classless “Auburn -----“ cheer. I don’t remember hearing anything like that during the postgame of this year’s championship.

However, I do remember hearing one cheer. While the ESPN broadcasters were giving their analysis, one could hear it in the background. That one cheer that is always there, win or lose, after every game.

It’s great – to be – an Auburn Tiger. It’s great – to be – an Auburn Tiger. It’s great – to be – an Auburn Tiger.

Yes, it is.

And, to TCU and Oregon, it's also great to be both a Horned Frog and a Duck

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