Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Spritz of Lemon

For the second time in two weeks, I started drinking water with a spritz of lemon in the morning.

I started it the day after Thanksgiving, when I got up, still stuffed from the previous day, and immediately glommed onto that headline on msn.com about to ensure that the Thanksgiving meal isn’t a permanent fixture to your body.

The first recommendation was water with lemon. Apparently, it helps detoxify your body and clean it out. I’d never heard of that before but was willing to try anything.

However, no matter what you’re willing to try, you still have to step on the scale. It took me nearly six days before I finally willed my body back onto that digital time bomb that always sounds like it’s on its last circuit. When I looked down at it, I was pleasantly surprised. I was back to where I’d started the week before Thanksgiving.

Then came this past weekend.

My wife and younger son went to a Santa Claus Christmas party at my younger sister’s. It’s an annual event. Each year, however, it’s always missing a few dads, the fathers whose alma mater is playing in the SEC Championship.

It’s not that the dads go to the game. However, it’s impossible to watch a football game with a lot of young children running around. I had a couple of friends over. My wife fixed a spread for us.

And by the next day I was drinking the lemon water again.

I know there are various events throughout the Christmas season. And I’ll have a few more days to pig out. There will also be the Christmas day feast as well as various wonderful gatherings with plates of food everywhere and me wondering if I’m going to have pull the fat jeans off the shelf in my closet.

It’s unavoidable. I’ve yet to possess the willpower to push myself away from the table. I would try to exercise more, but with the temperature dropping, my outside activity will grow more limited. At my annual physical last January, my doctor looked at me and asked. “Are you getting enough exercise? Have you tried walking more?”

“Doc,” I said, “it’s ten degrees outside. How much walking are you doing?”

She conceded the point.

So, readers, what are you doing? How are you fighting the holiday pounds now that joyous Christmas season is upon us?


Jody Hedlund said...

Ugh! I hear you on the extra pounds this time of year. I've never hear of spritzing with lemon in water. That's really interesting! If I overeat one day, I usually just take a day or two of cutting back on eating and then I'm back to normal!

Lydia K said...

Exercise, Decaf Daddy, exercise. I do elliptical 30 minutes most days of the week and I can eat all the turkey I want.
That's my secret.

Walt M said...

Jody, I read about the lemon spritz somewhere on-line. It was the first time I'd ever heard of it.

Lydia, there's always the option of the exercise shows on TV. Can't hand;e walking outside these days though.