Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When Brothers Meet Brothers

Before I start, I’d like to congratulate Bobby Cox and the Braves on an exciting season. In the end, the injuries from the season were just too great to overcome: Chipper, Prado, Medlin, Jurrjens, Wagner, and the list goes on.

Now back to the post.

Sometimes, I bring it on myself.

Admittedly, I’m a history buff and I put that in my kids. Occasionally ever, sometimes I overdo and then my kids drive me nuts. Such was the case this weekend.

On Monday, we drove up to Toccoa, Georgia to see the Stephens County Historical Museum. For those of you who don’t recognize Toccoa (my eight-year old kept calling it Taco, Georgia), it was the beginning training area for paratroopers during WWII. If you’ve seen the movie “Band of Brothers,” it’s the location of the first thirty minutes of Episode One.

I’ve known we were about an hour from the area and I’d longed to see it. I thought my boys might enjoy it, too. So, with them out of school for Columbus Day, I took Monday off. To prepare them, I even pulled out my copy of Band of Brothers and watched Episode One with them.

I learned a lot going up there.
1) Toccoa is a nice town full of friendly people.
2) The museum is small, but the military portion of it is quite interesting. One of the items they have is a stable from England, which shows how many GIs were housed when they trained in England.
3) There’s very little left of what was once there.
4) Toccoa Falls, located at Toccoa Falls College, was an unexpected benefit to the drive up there.

Granted, it was just a training facility. The government ended its use in 1945 and then sold it to a private company, making it a judicious use of public money. (There’s a rarity for you.) A monument remains. You can climb to the top of Currahee, the mountain they ran up each day.

So where do my kids get overzealous?

It was a lot of fun when my kids would grab me and say. “Daddy, come see this. Daddy, come see this.”

But now they want to watch the rest of Band of Brothers...in a row.

I’m not sure I can take nine straight hours of questions from my kids.


Lydia K said...

9 hours would be hard, but you'd probably be smiling the whole time! How great that your kids can get excited about what you're passionate about. Don't we all wish that would happen with our kids?

Walt M said...

Thanks, Lydia. We started watching Episode 3 this afternoon.