Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Perfect Day

We had a tiring family day on Saturday.

We opened it up at 9:00 a.m. with my older son’s fall baseball team, the Pony League Phillies, playing the final game of their regular season. They were playing the top team in their league. My son’s team, who has had a difficult season, opened up a 7-0 lead before holding on at the end 7-6. They stranded the tying runner at third and managed to strike out two to ensure that he didn’t make it home. My older son went 1-3, thrown out at second when he tried to stretch his single into a double.

When that game ended, we headed to another location in Gwinnett County for the first round of the playoffs for my younger son’s football team. It was the first round of the playoffs and my son’s football team, the Mill Creek Hawks, were playing the Grayson Rams. With my son’s team being the lower seed, it was an away game. They trailed 14-13 at the half but had an awesome third quarter to finish with a 47-27 victory. The win sent my son’s team into the quarterfinals where they will face the top seed in Gwinnett County in another away game.

So what does this have to do with Auburn vs. LSU?

As much as I love to watch my Auburn Tigers, sometimes life provides you with other opportunities. And as my son’s football game started over thirty minutes late, I knew I wouldn’t get back even to my car radio for the start of the Auburn-LSU game. 3:30. 4:00, the clock continued to run. Still, I wanted to share my son’s joy more than anything else.

When I finally did flip on the radio, it was already Auburn 7, LSU 0. I drove home, catching both the LSU and Auburn field goals. It was the sometime in the 2nd quarter. Unfortunately, I did catch LSU’s TD at the end of the half.

But our day wasn’t over yet.

You see, we had tickets for last night’s Gwinnett Gladiators hockey game against the Florida Everblades. The tickets were about center ice down low and my younger son loves hockey. With them dropping the puck at 7:00, we left a little after 6:00 to give us time to be there for the start. I heard LSU’s 17-17 tying TD in the parking lot at Gwinnett Arena. A friend of mine texted me updates on the Auburn game throughout the 4th quarter. I went nuts with the news of the win.

And then the Gladiators made it a perfect night, defeating the Everblades 5-2. The smile on my younger son’s face made missing the 4th quarter worthwhile.

I will catch the complete game somehow on replay later this week. I’m curious as to how a player can be stopped and carried back seven or eight yards for a loss.

But, for now, I’ll just remember how much I enjoyed my day with my family.

War Eagle!

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Lydia Kang said...

Tiring...but perfect. Sounds like it was packed with nonstop fun!