Sunday, October 10, 2010

Auburn vs. Kentucky Wrap-Up

I tweeted last night right after the game that “The Prilosec commercial just before Byrum's field goal was appropriate.”

It’s also Auburn football.

Part of me was hoping for an easy evening. In the old days, a match-up against Kentucky was considered a breather. And while some Auburn games with Kentucky were close, there was never any doubt. (Sort of like when Kentucky plays us in basketball.)

Yet, I knew that was a forlorn hope at best. At my younger son’s football game earlier in the day. I was sitting in front of a fellow Dad and UCLA grad. Of course, we talked football. He thought Auburn should handle Kentucky easily. I gently explained it to him. If an Auburn game is on, heartburn is a given. I’m convinced that the god of Auburn football makes a commission on every tablet of Nexium. As a friend of mine commented on Twitter recently, “being an Auburn fan has taken years off my life.”

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

No. I don’t mean that I’m this happy with the additional gray hairs I accumulate each week. I’m also losing my hair, too Eventually I’ll go completely gray and go bald. I just mean I’d rather be an Auburn Tiger than anything else.

So what did we learn this week?

Between last season and this season, we had enough gas in he tank to finish the game. We started that final drive at our own 6-yard line after that had to be one of the dumbest, ill-advised hand-offs on a kick return that anyone has ever seen. We survived.

This time last year, we had a loss to Arkansas in a game that we weren’t really in. We survived.

After falling behind early by double digits twice this year and coming back, we went up by double digits and gave that up. We survived.

We gained over 500 yards for the sixth time this season. (Cam Newton picked up over 400 yards.) We survived.

We won our second road game of the season by three points. We survived.

And we advanced.

And that’s good enough for this week.

Next week is Arkansas. We owe them like we owed Kentucky.

War Eagle!

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