Saturday, October 16, 2010

Auburn vs. Arkansas Wrap-Up

When Arkansas tool the lead on Auburn in the second half, my wife commented that Auburn’s games are kind of like our 8-year old son’s football games. My son’s team led for most of the game, only to surrender the lead with three minutes left in the 4th quarter, going down 18-14.

My wife had no idea how prescient she would be.

My son’s team fumbled the ball away twice in the 4th quarter, one of them deep in their own territory as the other team picked up the ball and ran for a score.

And then I watched as Auburn ran a fumble back for a TD and then picked up two interceptions. And somewhere in the 4th quarter, I finally relaxed (and enjoyed a wonderful dinner).

Still, the fumbles were controversial. I’ve already seen the AP story about how Auburn and the replay officials combined to beat Arkansas. Let's face it. Auburn got slammed by the replay booth as well over that spot of the football on the 4th and six that Arkansas "converted" in the second half . Given the history Auburn has experienced this season alone with phantom pass interference calls (pick any game), it was about time that Auburn had some things go their way.

It was better, though, for Auburn to remove this particular monkey off their back. (Despite the “basketball score” jokes peppered all over Twitter.)

Auburn hadn’t beaten Arkansas in since 2007 and seemed to always lay an egg against Arkansas in big years. And while I don’t think we’ll go undefeated, this game still worried me more than any other. In no other game this year will Auburn face an offense so well designed to exploit Auburn’s defensive weaknesses. No other team has QBs like Arkansas combined with a comparable receiver corps.

But we came through it. We survived another week in the SEC. We even scored the most points in the history of an SEC game and the most points we’ve scored on an SEC team in 40 years. And forget what AP says, we WON the game.

Next week, LSU (expected to be undefeated) comes into Auburn. We’ve lost three straight to LSU.

I don’t expect us to lose a fourth one.

One of the realities of an afternoon game is the evening highlights. You know you're going to see the game replays throughout the evening as you enjoy what else is going on in college football.

I'm looking forward to a nice rest of the evening.

War Eagle!!!!!

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Rebecca Lynn said...

I was one of your judges in the HOTR and wanted to say thanks for the great note. I'd been wondering how much of the set-up was real and how much was fictional. So I do appreciate you answering my questions! :-)

Looking forward to seeing it in print someday.

And congratulations on placing/finaling! I really enjoyed the entry.