Sunday, October 31, 2010

Auburn - Ole Miss postgame

Well…Auburn will be #1 in the BCS when it’s released on Sunday evening. We survived the #1 jinx, though at this writing I wonder if Oregon will avoid it. When I began to relax, I thought about turning it to watch the Oregon-USC game. However, I talked myself out of it. Watching Auburn play like this is a joy to behold.

However as I look back on the game (and wonder if Cam Newton’s first endorsement will be for Chapstick®), I realize that this was the most relaxed I’d been in a while.

It started with the usual weirdness. Ole Miss came out in the gray jerseys as some sort of symbolic, spiritual statement. First time they’ve ever worn gray jerseys. Teams do this regularly. Georgia brought out the all black jerseys awhile back in a game where they upset Auburn. Auburn has occasionally worn orange jerseys and has pretty much sucked when they did it. (Side note: Oregon could never wear special jerseys as they pretty much act like the caricature of the spoiled rich girl who never wants to wear the same outfit twice.)

But back to game.

Cameron Newton had 45 rushing yards on the ground. For the average QB, that’s a good night. Cam Newton is not an average QB. He’s a Heisman candidate, one-man team, Superman plus, excess other superlatives individual.

So what’s he doing looking like a typical QB?

He’s showing he can play a typical game.

He’s showing the rest of the world what only Auburn fans seem to realize at the moment. Auburn is not a one-man team.

Yes, Cam Newton is a great player. He’s a special player. He’s a one-of-a-kind player. He’s already breaking all records running, throwing (TDs), and tonight he even showed he can catch a pass.

Yet, against Ole Miss, Auburn showed it can run a conventional game and still pick up 300+ yards rushing, with nearly 200 yards by freshman RB.

It showed that it’s experienced offensive line can open holes for whomever is running.

It showed that the defense, which bends a lot, can stop someone on a 4th and inches play.

It showed that our special teams is dangerous and capable.

In short, it showed that Auburn can play a complete game and gave Auburn’s remaining opponents something to worry about…that Auburn is a good TEAM.

War Eagle and Happy Halloween!!!

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