Friday, September 10, 2010

Typical Auburn football: Gut wrenching to the end

I am at least satiated for a moment to get out of Starkville with a win. My alma mater at this time has a lot in common with my 8-year old son’s team. They’re 2-0 and they both fumble a lot.

So what else did we learn from this.

1) Our defense can come through. They bent but didn’t break last night.
2) Our offense has some warts. They could have put it away with a number of scoring opportunities, but they couldn’t convert anything in the 2nd half. This also goes to when they had it about 3rd and 1 with under two minutes to go and all they needed was a first down. They blew the opportunity.
3) Our special teams has some serious work to do.
4) We have “two minute” issues. We can only score within two minutes when there’s more than two minutes to go. There’s no reason why we don’t try to score a field goal at the end of the first half.
5) The “Cowbell Compromise” is worthless until it starts affecting the team’s play on the field.

One of my tweeps wrote last night “Being an Auburn fan has taken years off my life.” I concurred. I kept thinking Auburn was finally going to drive a stake into the vampiric resurrection that was MSU last night. Didn’t happen until the end. Was concerned it might go into OT. Was concerned we could possibly lose. Was concerned that I was watching a repeat of Auburn-Northwestern with just a lower score.

Nope. I was watching football. In the present. And it’s just like it’s always been in the past. Gut wrenching. Nail biting. Heart thumping. It’s the reason Auburn fans are so good at dealing with stress.

However, now that the game is over, we can sit back and watch all the games on Saturday and relax for a change.

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