Sunday, September 5, 2010

One In The Books

According to he weather reports, it was supposed to be in the 50s on Saturday night. I was looking forward to that. It‘s been so hot of late that a cool night was welcome and an excellent start to the college football season.

However, by halftime, I was looking at something I didn’t expect, Auburn’s point total to exceed the temperature.

But with Auburn having scored 35 points by the end of the first half, I was thinking:

1) We have a new QB and he’s good.
2) We have an improved offense and it’s better.
3) We have a kicker who can kick to the end zone, which beats that pooch kick garbage we seem the thrive on.
4) We have a suspect defense and that’s a problem.

I originally thought Arkansas State wouldn’t score that much, I knew they’d beaten Texas A&M and had given Iowa all they could handle last year. At the same time, they’d also been blown out by Nebraska. And I’d expected more of the same.

Until our defense plays better, I should know better. They gave up too many big plays.

However, after three straight fumbles, I began to wonder about the offense, too. And though the third one was overturned on review, I wondered if any team with the talent to match Arkansas State’s enthusiasm would blow the offense off the field.

I needn’t have worried. Auburn bucked up and held on.

Final: Auburn 52, Arkansas State 26

Only a few days to rest before they travel to Starkville to play Mississippi State.

War Eagle!

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