Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Dacula Miracle

It had been a nervous day at Dacula Park. My son’s team, the Mill Creek Hawks, had taken the opening and marched down the field, scoring on a 20-yard pass on 4th and 5. However, after that we hadn’t done much. Still, the other team didn’t pick up a first down the first half and we led 7-0 at halftime.

The second half, though, it was a different story. We continued to have trouble moving the ball, while the other team, the Dacula Falcons, were ripping off larger gains. They finally broke the plane of the end zone late in the third. However, a missed extra point left the game 7-6.

Finally, we began to make progress, but a promising drive stalled in the red zone. The Falcons took over and drove the field, scoring again to make it 12-7.

We had one drive left.

And we made progress.

With the clock ticking away, we picked up two first downs and made it to the red zone. However, it was not to be. And with about two minutes to go, we turned it over on downs. The only option was to hold them and hope they would run their plays quickly. However, with the Falcons facing third down and only having to take a knee, it looked hopeless.

The Falcons, though, ran a play. And when the ball squirted loose, one of my son’s teammates picked it up and ran it for a TD.

Mill Creek Hawks 13, Dacula Falcons 12.

And so it ended.

My sister Jeanne and her family made it to the game, with my nephews seeming to enjoy it. They especially like my wife’s shaker, a water bottle with beans inside. My nephews shook it hard toward the end of the game. One of them may even believe that he caused the fumble.

We’re not going to correct him.

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