Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Church of the Chocolate Sprinkle

One of out most important days in our church occurred last Sunday, at least for my 8-year old son. It wasn’t Easter. It wasn’t Christmas (though this day is particular popular). It wasn’t even the infamous “nudge Sunday” where family members deliver polite elbows to the ribs as the pastor discusses the gospel reading about how you should treat other family members.

It was doughnut Sunday.

Nearly every Sunday, around the time when Sunday school begins for a new year, my church begins serving coffee and doughnuts in the narthex. It’s meant to serve as an opportunity for parishioners to get to know each other after the service or just relax for a few minutes before heading home.

For my younger son, though, it’s something else. Being eight, he doesn’t quite get into church, but he does enjoy Sunday school. Part of the reason is he has friends in the class and he likes being with the other kids.

But another part is definitely the doughnuts.

This summer, when he realized that Sunday school was about to start, he looked at me and asked, ‘Dad, when are the doughnuts coming back?”

“After Labor Day,” I responded.

So, he counted down the Sundays until it was time This past Sunday, he was ready early. We arrived fifteen minutes prior to the start of class. He drooled about the doughnuts (thankfully not either on them or over them) picked up a nice chocolate one with sprinkles and some chocolate milk to wash it down with.

And enjoyed a few minutes of quality time with his Dad.


Erin MacPherson said...

Ha! Church of the Chocolate Sprinkle. We have a similar Sunday: Church of the Bouncy Castle. Once a year, the church rents a bunch of jumpy castles and blows them up in the courtyard for the kids to play in at the churchwide picnic... well, let's just say that's the HIGHLIGHT of my son's church experience. Hope you've had a great day!

Walt M said...

Erin, that sounds like a church my sister attends. They have some pretty good festivals.

Thanks for dropping by.

BECKY said...

This was so cute! We used to have Doughnut Sunday, too....for getting to know new members, and talk with people we didn't see that often, etc. BUT, we had to wait until AFTER church was OVER! Sheeesh! Your son was lucky!! :D
And, here's a funny little thing..I just posted about chocolate today on MY blog! (I know this is from the 21st, but hey...it's close!!)