Sunday, September 26, 2010

Auburn vs. South Carolina Post Game

I was wrong.

I said both in pre-game post and in preview back in the summer that South Carolina would beat Auburn. And, as I watched the first half, I figured that Auburn must have read my blog. With two fumbles in the first half, TOs that USC converted into 13 points, Auburn had decided to beat itself.

With the negative TO performance from the Clemson game, I realized that by the halftime of this game we’d gone at least six quarters without a takeaway. However, there was a huge difference. Clemson wiped the field with us pretty much in the first half before we finally asserted ourselves in the third quarter. How was this game different? We actually led USC in total yards at the first half, with three times as many rushing yards.

And as I watched Auburn play, I began to realize one thing. I’d undersold our boys. We were outplaying South Carolina. We just couldn’t put them away. That’s what happens when you give a team a short field.

So what do we know from today’s game?

1) We have a senior-laden defense, with some good freshman
2) Wes Byrum can have an off night.
3) We should question sometimes why we give Mario Fannin the ball.
4) We have a coaching staff that can make adjustments at halftime.
5) We can actually beat the spread.

But what we really know is that this team doesn’t get down on itself. For the second week in a row, we got down by double digits and came back. And that bodes well for out self-confidence.

But my heart can’t take much more of this.

War Eagle!

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