Sunday, September 19, 2010

Auburn vs. Clemson 2010 Post Mortem

This is appropriately a post morten. We were nearly dead.

As the old saying goes, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

On Saturday night, we were lucky.

The evening started with us at my sister’s having burgers. A cousin and her daughter were visiting .We hadn’t seen them in a while. I caught that less than memorable first quarter while I was there. We looked like crap.

With my wife having a girls night out planned (and my cousin, sister, and another woman joining), I had to leave in the middle of the second quarter, go with her to pick up her friend, and then take them to the bar where they planned to spend the evening. The way the second quarter went, being my wife’s designated driver was the only thing that kept me from wanting to down something myself to erase what was going on in that first half.

I can’t remember when I’ve seen/heard such a pathetic display of Auburn football.

And then we kicked off the second, like we seem to kick off a lot of seconds. With mistakes. And despite taking the lead in the 3rd quarter, we continued to make mistakes. The refs rewrote the definition on what pass interference means. I never knew it was possible to call pass interference without actual contact occurring.

Still, many of things that were going on were of our own making. We fought valiantly to take the lead at 24-17. Yet, the way we played, I counted us lucky that we made it into overtime. Given that Clemson’s receivers couldn’t hang on to the football, I count ourselves lucky that we won.

But, in the good category, our guys fought hard. That was one of the hardest hitting games I’ve ever seen. I’m convinced that we’ll be seeing that hit to Kyle Parker for the rest of the season, the same way we did a few years ago against LSU. And I’m surprised we weren’t called for more late hits than we got flagged for.

But a win is a win. We’re 3-0. And given the way we’ve played the last two weeks, we’ve been fortunate. We are one caught pass each week from being 1-2.

Until next week. Until South Carolina. Until the heart-wrenching roller-coaster that is Auburn football.

War Eagle!

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