Tuesday, August 3, 2010

War Games

“You shot me,” I said.

“No, I didn’t, Daddy. You shot yourself.”

Now while the above may sound like a bad family western, it’s a conversation that takes place a lot in our house. My younger son and I are now teaming up on Wii to take out the bad guys. We have two favorite games: Tank Battle and Blazing Angels.

Tank Battle is my favorite of the two. In the game, you play seek-and-destroy with successively harder to kill enemy tanks. The game ends when both players are destroyed on a single mission. The winner is the person who destroys the most tanks.

My younger son is better than I am at this game and I’ve only bested him a couple of times. The problem, though, is that he really likes to win. And, while he supposedly doesn’t mind working as a team, occasionally he thinks he will do better on his own and is convinced that I’m in the way.

“Dad, stay hidden. I’ll take care of these guys,” is one such suggestion.

“Dad, come out and draw their fire so I can shoot them from behind.”

Sometimes, if the game starts in the same area, he takes me out to leave the board for himself. Whatever happens, the result is the same. He amasses points. I get blown to smithereens.

Admittedly, I have done damage to myself. The shots have long rebound after hitting one on the walls on the game. I just don’t move fast enough. I’ve also been known to swing my turret the wrong way, catch a wall square, and blow myself to bits quickly.

However, there are those times when he gets shot early and he had to sit back and fret that we might not make the next round. He’s tried to remedy this.

“Let me have the controls, Dad. I’ll get us out of here.”

“No, you have to depend on me to get to the next level.”

“Oh my God. We’re doomed”

The tank battle game, which has sort of a simplified look, is tame compared to his favorite game: Blazing Angels. In Blazing Angels, players are WWII fighter pilots. You get to choose numerous battle sights, planes, and time periods during the war. I do wonder a little about the game’s accuracy. (I don’t remember there being any Gloster Meteors in the Pacific theater, but watching Midway 30+ times doesn’t make you an expert.). However, I can’t deny its challenge.

In this game, you go into battle, getting attacked from all positions. You do have some radar to tell you where the enemy is, but there zooming by you fast and it’s hard to get a good read, much less a good shot. Sometimes, you’re only warning, is a radio signal from another “pilot” telling you that “you’ve got someone on your tail,” “check your six,” or “if you’d stop flying straight, they might not shoot at you.”

I’m worse at this game than I am at tank battle. I’m lucky when I shoot down the enemy or actually get a bomb to hit right.

However, thankfully, he doesn’t feel the need to shoot me in this one.

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Kathy said...

My husband and youngest son can't play video games together because things get too heated. They both want to win and end up fighting.

However, my son can play games with his uncle Paul who doesn't seem to mind getting blown up.