Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 3: Auburn vs. Clemson

Week 3: September 18, 2010
Note to Reader: This is a pre-season prediction made in late July. If you found this information the week of the game, please note that my actual game preview will be posted on Wednesday with the postgame on Sunday. Please click on the Blog Archive 2010 heading to be taken to the weekly preview or postgame.

With nine days to rest and a home game besides, I expect Auburn will be rested and the stadium to be rocking. (Since the game will be broadcast in 3-D, it will be interesting for the fans as well.) However, Clemson won’t be intimidated. Several of the Clemson players visited the Plains during the NCAA baseball tourney, winning the Auburn regional. This time, these players won’t go away as happy. Clemson will score 17 points, exceeding by a little what their baseball team did. It won’t be enough.

Score Prediction: Auburn: 34, Clemson: 17.
Record Prediction: 3-0

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