Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 2: Auburn at Mississipi State

Week 2: September 9, 2010
Note to Reader: This is a pre-season prediction made in late July August. If you found this information the week of the game, please note that my actual game preview will be posted on Wednesday with the postgame on Sunday. Please click on the Blog Archive 2010 heading to be taken to the weekly preview or postgame.

If you’re going to start your SEC schedule on the road, it’s best to start it with a team that’s supposed to be a lot worse than you are. However, with it being a Thursday night game, emotions and tension will be high. One of the things in Auburn’s favor, though, is that MSU’s opener against Memphis will be tougher for them than Auburn’s opener will be for us. This will be close for a while (like last season), but expect Auburn to get it done.

Score Prediction: Auburn: 31, Mississippi State: 14.
Record Prediction: 2-0

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